TSA Issues Notice of KCM Change

August 24, 2019

TSA Issues Notice of KCM Change

Earlier today, TSA posted an Alert to the KCM website, changing procedures for the program. (Full notice text included below) Unpredictable Screening Procedures will change August 27 and the requirement for crew uniforms will become effective this Wednesday, August 28th.

It is highly unusual that a change would be communicated on a Saturday without advance notice and a relatively tight implementation time of a few days. Please note that this change could be in response to a credible threat. Until we know more, AFA-CWA encourages all crewmembers to help spread the word about the new procedures and comply accordingly.

Once we have more information about the genesis of the change we will determine how to respond as a union. 
08/24/2019 – Notice to Crewmembers (Copy of TSA Alert)

Effective August 28, 2019, KCM-authorized Crewmembers will be required to wear uniforms while using KCM access points.

Effective August 27, 2019, an automated enhancement to Unpredictable Screening Procedures (USP) will be enabled. This enhancement will include retention of the Crewmember selection for USP for a period of time at all KCM access points in that airport. NOTE: If the selected Crewmember exits the sterile area and attempts to reenter through a KCM access point during this time period, they will continue to be identified for USP.