September 26, 2023

This message is intended for Council 16 Members (BOI, PAE, SEA, GEG).

Travel benefit changes

We hear you!  We agree with you! 

Council 16 Officers were just as surprised by yesterday’s announcement as you were.  We were given no advanced notice or information about these travel changes.  We join your demands for one AAG boarding priority – where active employees come first.  Unfortunately, our contract does not contain any safeguards to stop this from happening, despite the fact that, according to a communication from yesterday, other work groups do.  Management needs to do the right thing!  As Horizon leadership stated yesterday, contact management to get answers to YOUR questions – and include your Council 16 AFA leadership team.

As we enter negotiations, this is just the beginning of what we may anticipate.  Our time has come.  We must act in unity to prepare for the future.  All of us are AFA.  It is time to mobilize together as our union and fight.  “When we fight, we win”.  By finishing the negotiations survey, wearing our AFA pins, and keeping up our VOCAL activism, we can start to demonstrate our solidarity and the fact that we are “Stronger Together, Better Together”.  Defend your rights with vigor.  Speak up if something is incorrect. Demand change.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Levcun, President
Joshua Haimes, Vice President
Wendy Kaihara, Secretary

The survey closes this Friday, September 29 at noon

Join the effort to get 100%! YOUR voice matters, let’s join together and speak up! 

To take the survey, scan this QR code or click here.  

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“Stronger Together, Better Together”