ACT Crew Room Sit – Notes

Hello Fellow Flight Attendants,

I wanted to thank everyone that attended the SEA Act Negotiation’s Sit on September 25th.

There was a great turn out, with terrific questions/comments regarding our contract negotiations and a wonderful response to our AFA red pin drive (Solidarity Commitment).

There were quite a few remarks regarding the 2019 Employee Survey with Matt.  The biggest topic of conversation was that of pay.  “Only 11% of employees felt like they were compensated fairly.” Managements response basically states that they felt this topic is a contractual problem, putting it back on us Flight Attendants because we voted the pay in. 

Please remember this.  It is crucial that we all stand in unity, stay educated and current with the topics that are being discussed. This is how most of us make a living. We implore you to empower yourself, to participate in contract negotiation events and fight for a contract that supports our worth. Your AFA union volunteers will provide all the information we can and be available to answer questions you may have. We are all valuable AAG employees. We are first responders in medical emergencies, and we are all JD Power Award winning Flight Attendants. It’s time to be compensated and valued!

Please pass on the importance of the red AFA pin drive, encourage conversations with each other and the meaning behind the pin; solidarity, unity and a commitment in ratifying a lucrative contract. A contract that provides a safe work environment and proactive in obtaining protections that will benefit all QX Flight Attendants.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Levcun
AFA HZN LEC 16 Vice President
Health and Safety/ Fatigue Focus
Grievance Representative
(360) 731-6794