ACT Team Information – UPDATED

Hello All,

Your ACT chairs (Action Contract Team) would like to thank everyone that stopped by during our March sit. It was a great turnout and we received some excellent questions regarding the first three months of our negotiations. Hopefully you all had a chance to read the negotiation updates thus far which are posted to each month. We are encouraging each of you to be very involved and educate yourself on what is happening at the negotiations table.  Every one of you are essential to our overall success. We are stronger together and better together!

There are 3 ways to get your information at any time. You may:

  1. Visit the HZN website: for negotiation updates or any concerns regarding your experiences at work.
  2. The HZN FB page has official updates as well. Just “Like” the page.
  3. Finally, you may request to have any official updates sent to your personal email. Go to and enter your information from the blue “Info Update” box.

The next negotiation session with management will be April 16th – 18th.  Our upcoming crew sits are as follows:

SEA w/Jenn – Friday, April 19th & Saturday, April 20th

PDX w/Sirkka – Monday, April 22nd & Tuesday April 23rd

If you are unable to attend a crew sit, please forward any questions and concerns. Remember you can always reach us at or

Looking forward to seeing you in April!

In Unity,

Sirkka and Jennifer

PDX and SEA ACT Chairs