Duty Day Sideletter Pairings

Recently we informed you of a SideLetter to your AFA contact that allows a Flight Attendant to exceed the contractual 14-hour duty hard stop on a rescheduled trip when requested by Crew Scheduling on the last leg of a trip to when returning to domicile and the Flight Attendant gives their permission.
We want to clarify that this Sideletter also applies to exceeding the maximum scheduled duty period when on the last leg of a trip to domicile. Your maximum scheduled duty period can be found within Article 5 A (see the table; depending on what time you start duty and how many flight legs are schedule for the day then determines the maximum scheduled duty for the day) of the contract and on your trip key. Remember, your trip key indicates not only the maximum scheduled duty for each day of your trip it also indicates what your scheduled duty is for the day. Each day of a trip is always scheduled to have less duty then the maximum duty allowed but there might be times due to strong headwinds, ATC or a mechanical where you might exceed the maximum scheduled duty as noted on the trip key and as checked by you against your AFA contract Article 5 A (the AFA contract is on your IMD under AFA links).
Should you believe that due to late flights or a mechanical issue that you may exceed your maximum scheduled duty period for the day, and the flight has not launched, then you are not legal to proceed. If you exceed your maximum duty period, a contractual violation would exist. Crew scheduling should be calling you to inform you that you are either close to exceeding or you would exceed your maximum scheduled duty period if you launch. If you don’t hear from crew scheduling, you should be calling them to inform them of the issue. Either way you are not allowed to exceed the maximum scheduled duty without a contract violation existing. The one exception is if it is your last leg of your trip to domicile and then the Sideletter would be in effect, you would have to agree, and the associated pay would be triggered.
If you have any questions, please contact your LEC officer for further clarification.
Here is the side letter, in part, that contains the change in language in the contract that allows the possibility of exceeding the maximum scheduled duty period on a trip or on a rescheduled trip:
Article 5.C of the collective-bargaining agreement is amended to read

C. Actual Duty Limitations

The federal regulation governing duty times and rest periods for Flight Attendants will apply to Flight Attendants, provided that a Flight Attendant’s actual duty period will not exceed fourteen (14) hours except that a Duty Period may be rescheduled up to sixteen (16) hours for a Duty Period only to accommodate a deadhead to a place of rest. At her/his option, a Flight Attendant may exceed fourteen (14) hours by agreeing to work (not deadhead) a flight(s) on the last day of their schedule or rescheduled trip. However, such flying may not exceed sixteen (16) hours and, the Flight Attendant will be paid two (2) times her/his hourly rate as measured from break release (E175/jet) & door closure (Q 400/turboprop) for any working leg(s) that includes any time over fourteen (14) hours to block in. This will be paid above guarantee and in addition to the credit value of the trip as calculated per the applicable driver