EAP Eline – June

As DOT safety sensitive professionals, Flight Attendants are subject to drug and alcohol testing before, during and after performance of safety sensitive duties.  Failing a test or other violations of testing rules can result in removal from duty, investigation and separation.  It can also impact and even prohibit one from every being a Flight Attendant again for another commercial carrier.

Your AFA EAP offers a number of resources to assist Flight Attendants whose use of alcohol, medications or other drugs begins putting their profession, personal relationships, and/or health and well-being at risk.  For example, AFA EAP offers specialized substance use treatment access just for Flight Attendants through the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP).  Through FADAP, getting help for a substance use issue is as confidential and non-judgmental as getting help for any other medical illness.

If you’d like more information on whether your use is putting you at risk, please consider viewing this short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW26MtixfY4.  You can also call your AFA EAP at 1-800-424-2406.  Help is just a phone call away. We are members helping members.