**Negotiations Update**

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

Here is a quick update from the Negotiation Committee.

We kicked off negotiations Tuesday (January 22nd) in Seattle with Management and submitted our contract opener. Within the opener we outlined those areas of the contract that through the Flight Attendant survey were high priority items that needed to be addressed during negotiations.

The following highlights our first session with management:

  • Shared our contract opener
  • Worked on Articles 4, 10, 16, 17, 21, 22
  • Set up future meeting dates

We will be posting brief recaps of each session followed by more detailed updates after our monthly sessions. You will be able to find these updates on our www.afahorizon.org website as well as our HZN AFA Facebook page. Please be sure to “like” our page to receive the updates.

It’s important for each of us to be wearing our AFA pins and attending the crew sits that our Action Contract team (ACT) will be hosting monthly in PDX and SEA throughout the negotiation process. Your ACT representatives will be your source for accurate information that comes straight from the Negotiation Committee. They will also be answering questions and receiving feedback from you to bring back to the Negotiation Committee.

Look for upcoming posts “Get to know your Negotiation Team”

and “Get to know your Act Contract Team (ACT)”. You will be able to find these on our www.afahorizon.org  website as well as our HZN AFA Facebook page.

For a calendar of negotiation dates and when crew room sits are being scheduled please look at the AFA google calendar on www.afahorizon.org.

Your Negotiation Team,


Tanya Phillips, Ed Hawes, and Joelle Fuhrman