Scheduling Notes – January 2020

January Bid 329 – Scheduling Notes 

This was an interesting trip pairing build for January. We feel that the solution that AFA created has a much higher quality of life for our members and gives the most parity in one through four-day trips across the board, which allows for a variety of different wants and needs. Additionally, our flying went down by close to 3,500 credit hours this bid. MFR hours have been reduced by more than 200 hours. Overall credit per day went up :09. Our duty days went down by almost 400, mostly due to the reduction in credit hours. We were able to reduce duty periods with four and five leg days by just over 17%.

There were very few suggestions that were forwarded to the committee for January but we were able to add a few of these suggestions into the solution for January, so again, if you have any thoughts about your pairings, please advise your base representatives. We will try to add these so that you can have trips that you can bid on for February.

Overall Parameters for the Pairing Solution

The parameters that AFA have added to the pairing solution are as follows:

AFA added that the rest cannot be shorter than the duty days either before or after said rest. So, however long your duty hours are for the day, your rest will have to match your duty or exceed it and vice versa. However long your rest is the previous night is how long your scheduled duty is the next day (so, if you work 12 hours during the day you will get at least 12 hours of scheduled rest that night and would not be scheduled for more than 12 hours the next day).  We were able to continue to adjust PDX with 60 min turns instead of 70. There are five scheduled flight legs/day, which includes any DHs (of course there can be less flight legs). There is an 11-hour minimum rest in this month as well. AFA also added the parameter of 3:00 max sit times in PDX and SEA with 2:00 max sit times at all other airports. We still have SNA set to 2:40 as well to avoid any double DH situations.

Specific Base Parameters

BOI:  We were able to get you 5.5% four-day trips versus management’s solution of 1.5%

GEG: Management’s solution did not have any one-day trips and we were able to get 14.8% in the approved solution.

MFR: We were able to have a few less two-day trips and created some three and four-day trips. You should notice that the E175 is now overnighting one plane in MFR in January not only does this create four pure E175 trips but it also means that your mixed pairing trips went up as well.

PDX: We put in the parameter to have the one-day trips at 15%.

PAE: We heard from your scheduling reps that PAE wanted more one-day trips and we’re happy to say that it went from 39.4% to 44.5%. If you need any help with bidding for PAE or trying to avoid PAE trips please email:

SEA: We were able to at least get 15% one and two-day trips. The two-day trip went up from 1.3% in Dec.

January:  There are a total of 1311 trips between all bases.  Of those 275 are pure E175 flying and 240 are pure Q400 flying. So 796 mixed trips.  That’s 60.7% mixed, 21.0% trips are pure E175, and 18.3% are pure Q400 trips. 

Break down by base: 

  • BOI has 128 total trips; 0 E175 trips; 80 Q400 trips; and 48 mixed (37.5% mixed) 
  • GEG has 203 total trips; 32 E175 trips; 35 Q400 trips; and 136 mixed (67.0% mixed)
  • MFR has 34 total trips; 4 E175 trips; 7 Q400 trips; and 23 mixed (67.6% mixed)
  • PDX has 360 total trips; 29 E175 trips; 43 Q400 trips; and 288 mixed (80.0% mixed)
  • SEA has 386 total trips; 60 E175 trips; 58 Q400 trips; and 268 mixed (69.4% mixed and this doesn’t include PAE flying) 
  • PAE has 200 total trips; 155 E175 trips; 0 Q400 trips; and 45 mixed (22.5% mixed)

Percentage of trips/day: 


Credit per base: 

SEA (total)14756:5843.4%

Credit Time/Duty: 

BOI:  4:51 
GEG: 5:06 
MFR: 5:03 
PDX: 5:00 
SEA:  5:02 
PAE:  5:04

We will continue to advocate for improvements for our members each month during pairing development process. Our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay. Again, if you have any comments or suggestions, please advise your base scheduling reps.

In solidarity,

Cyndy Mathison
MEC Crew Scheduling Liaison

Peter Oxentenko
Council 17 Scheduling Chair (PDX/MFR)

Jolene Vallelunga-Heller and Sherry Busch
Council 17 Scheduling Reps (PDX)

Jana Gray
Council 17 Scheduling Rep (MFR)

Kenneth Cantu and Nicole Lajuett
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (SEA)

Heather Coleman
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (PAE)

Jennifer Turnbow
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (GEG)

Miria Davis
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (BOI)