Dear Horizon AFA Flight Attendants,

AFA is very concerned with the mixed pairings that are scheduled to take place commencing with the April bid.  When we first heard the idea from inflight management about ten months ago, we expressed numerous concerns that we had. These included safety, operational, quality of life, credit values and the ability to preference individual aircraft. We also cited contractual language that we believe the potential mixed pairing would violate.  The pushback from management diminished with each meeting and we believed we had an understanding that overall, mixed pairings were not the best solution for us. Therefore, iIt was disconcerting to discover that mixed pairings were going to be constructed for April 2019.  We expected at least a one-month delay given the delay in opening PAE not to mention limiting the number of mixed pairing trips to ease this change into the operation. This was not the case.  The Grievance Committee will be filing a grievance on behalf of all flight attendants related to this contractual violation.

The Scheduling Committee currently consists of two representatives; Callie Von Borstel, our MEC Crew Planning Liaison/Scheduling Chair and Peter Oxentenko, the LEC 17 Scheduling Chair.  Volunteer Flight Attendants are needed now in all domiciles to represent scheduling concerns. If you are interested in this position, or would like more information on getting involved, please reach out to Peter Oxentenko or Kirk Hansen for LEC 17 or Heather Coleman for LEC 16 domicile based Flight Attendants.

Thank you as we work on your behalf and hold management accountable to our contract.  Please continue to wear AFA pin showing support for our contract, local leaders and negotiations committee members.


Heather Coleman LEC16 President 

Kirk Hansen LEC17 President