June Bid 322

Scheduling Notes

June will be our third full month of mixed-pairing flying.  With it, there were a total of 1,437 trips between all our bases.  Of those, 327 are Q400 flying and 252 are E175 flying. That’s about 59.7% mixed, 17.5% E175, and 22.8% Q400.

Break down by base for the June bid:

BOI has 136 total trips 0 E175 trips 77 Q400 trips and 59 mixed
GEG has 152 total trips 29 E175 trips 56 Q400 trips and 67 mixed
MFR has 112 total trips 0 E175 trips 60 Q400 trips and 52 mixed
PDX has 487 total trips 76 E175 trips 45 Q400 trips and 366 mixed
SEA has 458 total trips 8 E175 trips 89 Q400 trips and 361 mixed (this doesn’t include PAE flying)
*PAE has 223 total trips 139 E175 trips 0 Q400 trips and 84 mixed

For the month of June, management wanted to allocate 4,000 credits up into PAE.  However, at this time we ended up at 3,000 credit for PAE with the remaining flying being placed into SEA lines.  If you are needing help with bidding or trying to avoid PAE, please contact Deb Harding-Elliott or Lexie Massey at qxfa.joint.pbs.committee@horizonair.com.

Parameters for the pairing solution:

We have built the trips so that however long your duty hours are for the day, your rest will match it for your overnight. Vice versa, however long your rest is the previous night, is how long your duty can be the next day. Never exceeding contractual max duty. For example, if you work 12 hours during the day, you will get 12 hours of rest that night and cannot work more than 12 hours the next day.  There are only four legs/day, which includes any DHs (of course there can be less legs). We have built into the program a systemwide 11-hour minimum rest and we were finally able to break those long sit times up. This means that LAX, SFO, PDX, and SEA are the only stations where you can wait up to two hours for your next flight. Everything else has a max time of 1:30.

We removed the 70-minute sit times whenever you landed at either PDX or SEA. 

Percentage of trips/day by domicile:

Domicile 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day
BOI 26.5 39.0 19.1 15.4 0
GEG 26.3 36.8 32.2 4.6 0
MFR 35.7 40.2 24.1 0 0
PDX 14.8 18.1 33.5 33.7 0
SEA 18.2 13.4 41.3 26.8 0.3
PAE 42.9 35.9 14.1 7.1 0

Credit per base:

BOI 2723  hrs 8.2%
GEG 3078   hrs 9.2%
MFR 1634  hrs 4.9
PDX 13765 hrs 41.2
SEA 9218  hrs 27.6
PAE 2992  hrs 9.0%

SEA(total) 12210:36 36.5%

Credit Time/Duty:

BOI – 4:48
GEG – 4:59
MFR – 4:26
PDX – 4:57
SEA – 4:28
PAE – 4:50

I am continuing to advocate for us each month during pairing development. We all know that our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay.  AFA’s involvement in pairing development is critical to ensuring our schedules have a flight attendants’ perspective during pairing optimization. However, we are still in need of eyes and ears out on the line that is an integral part of AFA’s local base Scheduling Committees.  If you are interested in joining your base scheduling committee, please contact Kirk Hansen LECP17 (PDX and MFR) at kirkhansen@afahorizon.org or Heather Coleman LECP16 (SEA/PAE, BOI and GEG) at heathercoleman@afahorizon.org

To our continued success,

Scheduling Committee

MEC Chair-Callie von Borstel
LEC 17 Chair-Peter Oxentenko