Negotiations Update – January

Horizon Negotiations Update AFA and management began negotiations this week, and we had a fairly productive session. AFA’s committee members are MEC President Ed Hawes; Flight Attendants Joelle Fuhrman and Tanya Phillips; and our AFA professional negotiator and attorney, Kimberley Chaput. Management’s team consisted of Kieran Whitney, Managing Director, Inflight; Michelle Abidoye, Managing Director, People […]

**Negotiations Update**

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants, Here is a quick update from the Negotiation Committee. We kicked off negotiations Tuesday (January 22nd) in Seattle with Management and submitted our contract opener. Within the opener we outlined those areas of the contract that through the Flight Attendant survey were high priority items that needed to be addressed during […]

Communication – Mixed Pairings

Mixed Pairings-APR19 Bid The AFA Master Executive Council was recently informed by Inflight management that they are planning to build trips (pairings), starting with the APR19 bid, that will contain both E-175 and Q 400 flying.  There may be delays with the timeline, but the current plan is to start using mixed pairings in April […]

Spokane Hotel Report and Follow-up

On December 11th, 2018, AFA and IBT representatives, Horizon Management and the Ruby River Hotel management met onsite to address numerous complaints from Flight Attendants about the hotel, namely cleanliness. AFA addressed each complaint with HZN and Hotel management and their plans for the hotel to resolve the issues.   Onsite Hotel Inspection: We toured […]